Fulfilment has been defined as the opportunity to realise personal aspirations and abilities.  It recognises and responds to levels of human satisfaction separate from the physical and material, but it is difficult to generalise about fulfilment since it deals with precisely those areas of lifestyle where individuals differ from each other. We respond to service users’ right to fulfilment in the following ways.

  • We try to help service users to participate in as broad a range of social and cultural activities as possible.
  • If requested, we will assist a service user to participate in practices associated with religious or spiritual matters and to celebrate meaningful anniversaries and festivals.
  • We aim to respond sensitively and appropriately to the special needs and wishes of service users who wish to prepare for or are close to death.
  • We make particular efforts to understand and respond to the wish of any service user participate in minority-interest events or activities.
  • We will do everything possible to help a service user who wants to achieve an unfulfilled task, wish or ambition before the end of their life.