In providing services to people with disabilities, there is a difficult balance to be stuck between helping them to experience as much independence as possible and making sure that they are not exposed to unnecessary hazards.  Taking care for the security of service users therefore means helping to provide an environment and support structure, which offers sensible protection from danger and comfort and readily available assistance when required.  This should not be interpreted as a demand for a totally safe or risk-free lifestyle: taking reasonable risks can be interesting, exciting and fun, as well as necessary.  We respond to our service users’ need for security in the following ways.

  • We try to make sure that help is tactfully at hand when a service user needs or wishes to engage in any activity which places them in situations of substantial risk.
  • We hope to help to create a physical environment, which is free from unnecessary sources of danger to vulnerable people or their property.
  • We always carry out thorough risk assessments in relation to premises, equipment and the activities of the service user who is being helped.
  • Our staff will advise service users about situations or activities in which their disability is likely to put them or their property at risk
  • The staff of our agency are well selected, trained and briefed to provide service responsibly, professionally and with compassion and never to exploit their positions to abuse a service user.